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Active Autowerke BMW E60 M5 / E63 M6 V10 Power Pulley

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Active Autowerke Power Pulley Kit

2007 - E60 M5
2007 - E63 M6

Come Play with Power...

Looking to increase your V10's power output? Take a look at the Active Autowerke Signature V10 Power Pulley kit.  It comes mostly with everything to make this installation simple and easy to install, it is also reliable and trouble-free.  Best of all, it makes horsepower. 


When working on the BMW S54 engine of the E46 M3, Active Autowerke has found that additional horsepower can be attained with the installation of power pulleys. The S65 BMW V10 engine is no different where it also has to drive components like the the air conditioning and power steering.  These ancillary components actually take away power because they create a load on the engine since they all share the same drive belt design. Active Autowerke has developed a power pulley kit that reduces the drag on specific pulleys while allowing others to remain at their same efficiency. The end result is unleashing untapped power just by redesigning the the drive ratios of the engine pulleys. An additional 12+ horsepower is measured on our in house Mustang dyno when compared against a stock BMW V10.

What was a solid block of T6061 billet aluminum will now be transformed into precise component with a calculated pulley diameter, proper groove pitch, and true belt alignment with a calculated pulley offset. The exterior is also treated in a hard, black anodized finish that is strong and durable to give a smooth and quiet operation that will be trouble-free.
All the necessary parts are included in the kit making for a relative simple, easy installation that looks similar to factory when installed and it makes power.  It can be fully reversible back to original if the need arises. 

The power pulley is very modular in design and complements very well with other Active Autowerke performance products like the Active perfomance software or the Active performance exhaust. Truly a good start for the BMW M enthusiast.

Key Features:

HP gains: 10 RWHP ~ 12+ HP
Complete Bolt on System and is easily reversible
Aircraft Grade Billet 6061 Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum
Retains Factory Crank Hex Drive Adapter
Includes Replacement DRIVE and A/C Belts
Does Not Modify Factory Harmonics or Dampening
Reduces Rotational Mass
Does not cause overheating found in smaller pulley designs
Paired with the Active Software for Additional Gains

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