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BMW E46 M3 Exhaust SECTION 1 with 100 CELL hi flow catalysts by BMW tuner Active Autowerke

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Active Autowerke BMW E46 M3 Exhaust SECTION 1 with 100 cell Hi Flow catalysts 

Combine the Active Autowerke Exhaust SECTION 1 with a pair of Hi Flow 100 cell metallic catalysts and you have part of a winning combination for your BMW E46 M3.


Design and Concept:

Factory BMW exhaust SECTION 1 fr BMW E46 M3Why create an exhaust SECTION 1 when the USA version BMW factory SECTION 1 already comes from the factory as a straight through design with two separate pipes and resonators already built in on one side?
If a performance aftermarket headers was installed, how much better could one gain against the already BMW factory SECTION 1?


ThBMW Factory Section 1 with RASP like sounde Active Autowerke Exhaust SECTION 1 only comes into play if the E46 M3 already has a performance header already installed.  One will experience a high smell of unburnt fuel. (due to the open exhaust w/o any catalysts) and development of a RASPY like sound of which the BMW S54 engine is notorious for with the BMW Stock Section 1 when equipped. This raspy like sound is a matter of engine sound harmonics at a specific RPM range, a sort of resonance that is very loud and noticeable when the engine is revving at or above 4,000 rpm.

This is the BMW section 1 - where the RASP like noise emits from.




BMW SECTION 1 for Rasp Elimination on BMW E46 M3With the Active Autowerke Exhaust SECTION 1 installed, the BMW performance gains are about the same as running the factory section 1. However, that's impressive considering the exhaust flow is also being filtered while running through a pair of 100 cell catalysts. The power and performance is still there.

Gone is the smell of unburnt fuel. A BIG advantage.
Gone is the RASP like sound. Another BIG advanatge.

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  • Designed and recommended for Off Road Use 
  • Pair of 100 CELL Hi Flow metallic exhaust catalysts included
  • No unburnt fuel like smell
  • NO RASP like sound
  • Brushed Finish for that industrial appeal
  • Constructed from 100% 304 stainless steel 
  • Utilizes factory mounting points for easy bolt-on install
  • Two year warranty with Free Tech support    


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