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ESS E85 Z4 Boost Upgrade Kit incl E-Flash cable

SKU: ESS-115-12H


ESS TS2+ 8.5PSI upgrade kit for the ESS TS2 8PSI SC system. This kit requires installation of the ESS FI camshafts and it is recommended to have a set of headers installed as well to take full advantage of the extra airflow generated by this setup.

ESS E-Flash cable with software license is included.

Upgrade kit consists of:

Custom CNC Lysholm SC pulley for higher SC RPM and higher boost pressure.
6PK ContiTech drive belt matched to the new pulley configuration.
Dyno tweaked ESS MS43/45 ECU software matched to 8.5PSI boost and ESS FI cams.

This upgrade is only available for manual or SMG equipped vehicles.

Correction factor for drivetrain loss is 15% above RWHP as seen in dyno graph (RWHP/0.85)



Boost pressure: 8.5 PSI
Horsepower: 375 SAE/380 DIN
Torque: 342 lb-ft/465 Nm

Installation time : 1 hour



BMW E85 Z4-Series Z4 3.0i M54