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Mishimoto Recovery Ring Large

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Off-roading and overlanding are 50% driving skill and 50% knowing what to do when you get stuck. And you will get stuck. For that 50% of the time that you’re not navigating trails, a proper recovery system is essential. A winch with a strong line, a few shackles, and something to connect them together are the bare minimum when it comes to recovery. In between your winch line and whatever you’re using as an anchor, you need something that rotates and takes the strain off your winch line. Twenty years ago, you’d be lugging around a heavy steel snatch block and wondering if you greased the bearing recently. But these days, there’s a lightweight, simple, safer, and more durable solution in the form of recovery rings. This Mishimoto recovery ring is constructed from ultra-lightweight aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and weighs in at about 1/3 the weight of traditional snatch blocks. Its simple design makes recovery just as simple without worrying about failed or worn-out bearings. Our specially engineered recovery ring features radiused faces that prevent your soft shackle from clamping down on the rings edge, reducing friction for a smoother recovery. The large inner and outer diameters slow the ring’s rotation, and the military-grade hard-anodized coating further reduces friction and prevents scratching that can damage synthetic winch lines. The Borne Off-Road truck and Jeep recovery ring accepts a 1/2-inch winch line and has a working load limit of 22,000 lbs. making it strong enough to recover even the largest off-road vehicle. And, like all our products, it’s backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty for a lifetime of smooth recoveries.

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