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Fall-Line Motorsports E46 / E36 M3 Camber Arm Kit - Race




A byproduct of multi-link suspension arrangements is a dynamic change in the car’s alignment settings after changing even one variable, like height. Indeed, adjustability is the name of the game when it comes to tuning any suspension—the standard camber arm kit by Fall-Line Motorsports is designed to help fine tune your settings where both the factory or other aftermarket arms fall short. 

The race camber arm kit by Fall-Line Motorsports is designed to facilitate rapid adjustments during an alignment, and combined with the tension strut will also enable adjustment of overall track. Not only does this allow for fine tuning of wheel fitment, these arms will allow an alignment shop to make quick work of car setup, even simplifying the camber adjustment process as a result.

By contrast to the street variant, the race arms links utilize a unique clamp-style fastener as seen in BMW’s own tie rods and Porsche Motorsport components, resulting in pinpoint precision while tightening the adjustment arm in place. Less expensive jam-nut designs limit this precision and nearly guarantee an alignment change when the jam-nut is tightened. Laser cut lockout washers correctly eliminate the original BMW adjustment, eliminating any unwanted movement in the system.