IND M14 54mm Stud Kit

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When it comes to your BMW, you need all the strength you can get. That’s why those of us at IND are offering up our own 54mm stud kit, designed to work perfectly with the ever-popular Project Kics closed-end (capped) lug nut set.

BMW and other aftermarket bolts/studs are rated for strength class 10.9, but we knew we had to take it a step further. Our independently tested in-house variant exceeds 12.9 for unparalleled power and durability, no matter the driving condition. With our independently verified tensile tests, the IND stud kit exceeds the statutory requirements for all countries—including the USA.

The IND 54mm stud is easily distinguishable with its more pronounced 6mm shoulder design as well as its 6mm buffer zone between the thread area and shoulder opposite the hub. Not only does that create a more aesthetically pleasing stud, it also provides you with a clear visual cue for the end of the thread area.

IND 54mm Stud Kit Conversion Features:
• Set of 20
• M14 x 1.25 pitch
• 12.9+ grade strength class
• Chamfered edge design
• 5mm Allen key broach (6mm depth)
• Specifically designed for use with Project Kics closed-end lug nut set
• Black zinc coating for additional strength and corrosion / wear resistance

Installation Notes:
• M14: Torque nuts to 100 ft/lbs.
• Loctite (Red 262); 15 ft/lbs to hub

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