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3D Design F26 X4 35i (N55) Performance Exhaust - 4 x 90mm

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3D Design exhaust systems provide smooth performance all across the RPM range and aim to deliver the best in sound, feel and quality.

3DDesign collaborated with Arqray in the development and manufacturing of the exhaust system. Arqray is highly recognized for their leading quality and performance, as well as their advanced knowledge and depth of expertise in BMW exhaust systems.

3DDesign exhaust systems are not re-labeled Arqray systems but are totally new designs that have been developed for sound and design specifically to the demands and character of 3D Design.


-Diffuser Matching

The exhaust systems are developed in conjunction with the overall design of the car in mind. The 3DDesign diffusers match seamlessly with the 3DDesign exhaust systems without issues of interference or compatibility.


Special attention to detail was given to the overall design and finish, especially the canisters and the tips by Arqray Co. for 3DDesign. All tips and canisters are engraved and pressed with the 3DDesign logo.

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