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AIM - SmartyCam HD ECU Bridge



To get the data coming from your car Engine Control Unit (ECU) - which will be overlayed on videos - it is necessary to buy the interface module ECU Bridge. ECU Bridge is available in two versions: one (with OBDII connector) specific for stock ECUs, the other (with RS232/CAN connection) for after-market ECUs.

ECU Bridge with OBDII connector
The OBDII (On-Board Diagnostics) socket allows communication between ECU Bridge and Engine Control Unit. ECU Bridge with OBDII connector is the interface module which connects the stock ECU of your car to SmartyCam HD.

OBDII connector permits an immediate Plug'n'Play connection to the vehicle and is placed in the dashboard area, generally in the outlined position. In case you would not find it, please refer to your car user manual. To install the camera, it is necessary to check whether your car is included in this list; if so, SmartyCam HD can be installed immediately, following quick start manual tip. During installation procedure, ECU Bridge must be configured using Race Studio 2 software, where all instructions needed to bring the procedure to the end can be found.

ECU Bridge RS232/CAN (With Cables)
The ECU Bridge to be used for connections to after-market ECUs is RS232/CAN version. This interface has got free cables to permit direct connection to ECU pins, using both RS232 and CAN protocols. Experienced users may use this ECU Bridge even with stock ECUs. The supported ECUs database is continuously updated in the AiM website.

Any ECU Bridge can be easily connected to a PC via USB cable (included). This connection permits:
1. To configure ECU Bridge using Race Studio 2 software
2. To use SmartyManager software for automatic laptime management.

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