BMW - M Performance Electronic Steering Wheel - BMW F2X 2-Series, F3X 3-Series & 4-Series

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Stay in control: The steering wheel with race display for a motorsport sensation and look, covered in Alcantara for the best grip even in extreme driving situations. The flat-bottomed steering wheel rim with M Performance lettering, two buttons near the thumb rests and a functional display with two rows of LEDs in the upper part of the steering wheel rim. Shows gear changes plus EfficientDynamics Mode, Sport Mode and Race Mode.

- Unique combination of materials: high-quality Alcantara (cover) and porous carbon trim
- Flat-bottom steering wheel rim
- Function display with the latest OLED technology
- EfficientDynamics Mode, Sport Mode, Race Mode

EfficientDynamics Mode
- Average consumption over short and long distances
- Average speed
- EfficientDynamics Index 'EDI'
- EfficientDynamics gear change support via LEDs

Sport Mode
- Stopwatch (h/min/sec)
- G meter: Longitudinal and lateral acceleration
- Water and oil temperature (water temperature only for diesel vehicles)
- Sport gear change indicator via LEDs

Race Mode
- Stopwatch Lap Mode (min/sec/0.01 sec)
- Stopwatch Track Section Mode (min/sec/0,01 sec)
- Quarter mile race timer (sec/0.01 sec)
- Sport gear shift indicator via LEDs
- Sport gear shift indicator via LEDs

Models Supported:
BMW F22/F23 2-Series
BMW F30/F31 3-Series
BMW F32/F33/F36 4-Series

WARNING: May contain items that are found to have compounds and/or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.
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