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CarBahn Autoworks Adjustable Rear Toe Link Kit- F9X M5/M8

SKU: CBF90-3105



CarBahn Autoworks has developed a Rear Toe Link Kit for the F9x M5 and M8 designed to add precision and predictability at the limit.

The stock rear toe link is built with rubber bushings causing excessive deflection. During hard acceleration, this flex allows the rear wheels to have excessive toe changes. All of this flex in the stock toe link causes the car to be unstable when pushing the limits of acceleration.

CarBahn Autoworks eliminates this flex by replacing the rubber bushings with Teflon coated machined steel rod ends.

Most, if not all, of our competitors’ products wrap the rod end in a loose rubber boot, which not only allows water and debris to enter but also retains the water and debris which results in excessive noise and a short service life until the rod ends have to be replaced. The CarBahn Autoworks rod ends are sealed perfectly against water and environmental contamination, thus providing a long, quiet, maintenance-free service life.

Estimated Installation Time: 2.0 hours (excludes alignment)