Dinan Free Flow Exhaust for BMW M3 E46 2001-2006

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Special Note: Stage 2 Engine Software recommended for optimum performance and drivability.

If you’ve been searching for a truly high performance rear muffler for your M3 look no further. Dinan’s unique muffler design effectively reduces back-pressure for improved flow, resulting in measurable power gains. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel inside and out for superior resistance to corrosion as well as a significant reduction of weight. And from those aggressive looking ceramic-coated tips flows an exhaust note that will be music to the driving enthusiast’s ears.

The Dinan exhaust delivers exactly what the M3 owner demands in a performance muffler; increased power, reduced weight, a look that means business and the throaty exhaust note you’d expect from an M3.

See the ”Technical/Documents” section for a detailed White Paper on the unique design of the M3 Exhaust.

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