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Dinan Performance DCT Software for BMW E90 E92 E93 M3

SKU: D902-40A7



Special Note: ONLY for vehicles with DCT transmission

The Dinan Performance DCT software enhances the driving experience of M3s with DCT transmissions with quicker & smoother upshifts/downshifts. It greatly improves the overall smoothness in “D” mode when driving normally, yet tightens up the shifting feel in “S” mode with quicker engagement. This is a must have upgrade for any M3 DCT owner.


+ Less perceived clutch slip or soft engagement feeling when shifting at high engine loads. Shifting feels more crisp and assertive.
+ Smoother clutch engagements at all throttle positions, from normal city driving to spirited country roads.
+ Any roughness or “jerking” that may have been felt is eliminated when coming to a stop in all driving modes; this is especially true in “D” mode.
+ Experience downshifting and revmatching that is seamless. Perfect for preventing any upsetting of the chassis balance with hard braking/downshifting situations or mid-corner upshifting.

“It makes shifts faster, but does not change shift rpm. Shifting is actually smoother than stock.” – Steve Dinan