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Dinan Performance Engine Software for BMW M3 E90 E92 E93 2008-2013

SKU: D900-40M



The software removes the top speed governor, enabling the cars to attain their ”natural” top speed; and the V8 will pull right to red-line in top gear! Changes to the throttle mapping help soften throttle tip-in for a sportier feel and improved modulation capabilities. The combination of Dinan’s re-calibration of ignition timing, fuel delivery, and cam timing produce a maximum gain of 9 hp @ 6000 rpm and 8 lb-ft @ 6000 RPM. Peak horsepower is increased from 414 to 421 at 7900 RPM.


+ Greater Road Speed In Each Gear
+ Removes Top Speed Governor
+ Improved Throttle Mapping
+ Improved Ignition Timing, Fuel Delivery, and Cam Timing
+ 9 HP & 8 LB-FT of Torque

There is more to a tune than just cranking up the boost.  Power needs to come on smoothly and in a predictable way to make the car as fun to drive at wide open throttle as cruising around town.  It is your BMW, but reborn with new found acceleration and speed.

Top Speed Governor Removed
Dinan’s software removes the top speed governor so your BMW will be capable of achieving its true natural top speed.

A True Software Tune
The biggest benefit of a true software tune like Dinan’s Performance Software is that all of the communications between the engine sensors and the engine management computer (DME) remain unaltered.  This translates to properly returned fuel mixtures, ignition timing and full map rescaling to keep everything in sync.  Keeping an engine running at its best and with the most reliable power is what Dinan is all about.

Well Engineered
Properly returned fuel mixtures to the DME along with a correct tune means keeping the engine running cooler with less wasted fuel.  Ignition timing is a critical part of the equation to limit engine knock, one that many tuning companies ignore, Dinan Performance Software includes full map rescaling to protect the engine and keep everything running smoothly.

All BMW Engine Safeguards Retained
BMW worked hard to build systems to protect the engine in case of a failure, Dinan keeps all of these systems in place for the safest possible tune.

Easy installation in about an hour at any of the +130 Dinan Dealers.  See “Authorized Dealers” tab to find your nearest dealer or contact Dinan to make an appointment.

Easy To Use
No cutting wires, downloading maps for different octane levels or uninstalling before service.  Just install and you are done!  Add modifications and use different levels of octane without worry because the ECU will adapt to the changes, automatically leaving you to just enjoy your Dinan tuned BMW.

Max HP Gain  9 @ 6000 rpm
Max Torque Gain  8 lb-ft @ 6000 rpm
Peak Horsepower  421 @ 7900 rpm
BMW Factory Rated HP  414 @ 8300 rpm
BMW Factory Rated Torque  295 @ 3900 rpm