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ESS Tuning - Catless Downpipes - BMW F8X M3/M4




The OEM downpipes cause a major restriction in exhaust flow because of their integrated restrictive catalytic converters. This results in excessive backpressure and excessive heat, which ultimately affects overall performance at all RPM loads. ESS Tuning's catless downpipes allow quicker turbo spooling and low backpressure proving significant hp/tq gains that can be felt immediately after installation.

Mandrel-bent T304 Stainless Steel tubing is used to ensure constant exhaust flow is achieved by eliminating any restrictions, resulting in maximum gains and noticeable sound during turbo spooling. TIG-welded construction and stainless steel v-band flanges are durable as well as pleasing to the eyes. Stainless O2 sensor bung locations are precisionly mounted in the factory locations.

- Approximately 10-15 whp after installation
- T304 Stainless Steel construction, using mandrel bends
- Precision TIG welded joints
- Heavy-Duty Stainless V-Band/Exhaust flanges
- Factory O2 locations retained with Stainless Steel bungs
- Reduced underhood temperatures

Models Supported:

WARNING: Please note that certain aftermarket exhaust systems may not comply with applicable US (including California) laws and regulations, and may therefore be prohibited for use on highways or roads, or on roads or vehicles otherwise subject to emissions control requirements. California prohibits the use of any aftermarket exhaust system that modifies, removes or replaces original equipment catalysts, unless CARB has issued an Executive Order as to such part or system.

WARNING: May contain items that are found to have compounds and/or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.
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