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ESS Tuning - S65 G1 Intercooled Supercharger System

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ESS Tuning is a name that has become synonymous with uncompromised performance in the BMW world. With over 2000 S65 supercharger systems sold since 2008, their E9X M3 S65 supercharger kit is by far the most popular BMW supercharger system worldwide.

The intercooled S65 G1 Supercharger System produces a massive 150-180whp gain from stock depending on fuel used and exhaust system installed. It is supplied with both 91AKI/95RON and 93AKI/98RON pulleys as standard.

The kit improves upon the OEM intake manifold, adding in a custom cast aluminum manifold with optimized runners flowing into CNC’d aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum velocity stacks to smooth out airflow and reduce disruptive turbulence entering the throttle bodies, and is centered around the market’s largest liquid intercooler system. This ensures the intake charge temps remain in check during prolonged use on the track, autobahn, or street. The manifold was designed not only for optimum flow, but to be both aesthetically pleasing while keeping weight to a minimum to not disrupt the iconic handling balance of the M3.

The new ESS G1 supercharger head unit is by far the lightest high capacity supercharger in the industry weighing in at only 9.5lbs and offering unparalleled efficiency, build quality and ultra low noise levels. However, what really sets the ESS S65 kit above all the others is their software tuning. For over 22 years, we’ve lived and breathed BMW’s, and it becomes apparent the second you sit behind the wheel of an ESS tuned car. The kit will include the ESS E-Flash OBD2 cable and specific ESS MSS60 engine software that has undergone over a decade of revisions to get perfected to where it is today. The E-Flash allows the end user to upload the supercharger ECU software from any PC running Windows 7 or newer and includes full diagnostic and code clearing capability. Any future ESS software updates can be received by email and loaded directly to the car. The stock ECU software will be saved and can easily be restored in the future.

The system maintains all OBD-II functions and it is backed by a comprehensive 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty program. The kit takes 6-12 hours to install using normal hand tools and no irreversible modification to the car is necessary.

The kit is a reflection of their zero compromise approach to supercharging. Only the best quality components are granted a place in their kits and you can be sure it all fits with absolute precision. After development, we vigorously test both the hardware and software, putting them through their paces on the street, track, and autobahn. Through this, we achieve reliability and quality that is on-par with the OEM themselves. This helps create the ever-desired OEM+ look for an appearance that says “take me out for a nice dinner, but don’t be afraid to use the back roads and let me loose on the way home.”

S65 G1 Intercooled Supercharger System: Intercooled, 6.5-7.5PSI system compatible with manual and DCT. 91AKI/95RON or above required. *HFC or cat-delete mid section recommended for optimal results.

ESS Engineering G1 supercharger unit
Cast aluminum ESS intake manifold with integrated 6061 T6 velocity stacks optimized for boost
High capacity liquid intercooler system
Vortech Maxflow Race bypass assembly
High temperature cast plastic intake system for SC
Uni-belt drive system with additional ESS lifetime billet idlers
Heavy-Duty drive belt
CNC hard anodized brackets and hardware
High temperature silicone hoses with clamps
ESS oil breather assembly designed for boost
8 larger Bosch Motorsport fuel injectors, G1 spec
6PK S65/98mm (91AKI/95RON) and 6PK S65/94mm (93AKI/98RON) supercharger pulleys
K&N high flow air filter
ESS E-Flash reprogramming and diagnostic interface
Perfectly optimized, dyno tweaked MSS60 ECU software with removed top speed governor, calibrated for G1 spec injectors
Detailed, step-by-step installation manual
All installation hardware included
2 year/unlimited mileage warranty

G1 System
Boost pressure: 6.5-7.5 PSI Intercooled
Horsepower: 150-180whp (45-55%) gain over stock depending on fuel quality and pulley used
Torque: 30-40% gain over stock depending on fuel quality and pulley used

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