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IND F8X M2 / M3 / M4 Street + DE Brake Package

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Whether you want to get your feet wet on the track or want a more robust street setup, we've assembled an all-in-one plug and play kit with all the essentials: Motul RBF600 brake fluid, Pagid RSL29 pads, and Goodridge stainless steel lines.

The three together will yield a much more communicative brake pedal on the street, while track enthusiasts will enjoy a substantial increase in initial bite and better modulation throughout the pedal range, even at the end of a long DE session.

Product Details:

  •  Compatible with all F8X M2 (OG) and M3 / M4 (non-CCB)
  •  Includes Motul RBF600 brake fluid (2), Pagid RSL29 pads (F/R), and Goodridge stainless steel lines (F/R)

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