RKP F33 4-Series Carbon Trunk Spoiler

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RKP Composites has emerged as an industry leader of top quality US and German-made carbon fiber products, starting with an excellent development history in the E92 market. RKP was responsible for bringing M3 GTS and M3 GT4 racing parts to US M3 owners, and easily made the transition to stylish carbon fiber components for the F10 M5 chassis. By working within the confines of the original BMW body lines, RKP was able to create uniquely attractive carbon fiber components that made long-standing carbon manufacturers take note. RKP’s approach to exterior accessories that followed BMW’s own design language quickly set the brand apart from their competitors.

In the case of the BMW F33 4-Series, RKP was able to create a trunk spoiler that compliments the convertible’s body lines, while also adding a unique character line to the rear spoiler not found in BMW’s own Performance trunk spoiler. The RKP spoiler is carefully sculpted to cover the full width of the convertible trunk and integrate with the design language found in other RKP and BMW Performance parts.

RKP can construct this spoiler in 1x1 plain weave and 2x2 twill weave. Contact us for optional paint options. 


F33 4 Series Convertible 

F83 M4 Convertible 

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