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S65 4.2L Rebuild Kit

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Steve Dinan has been building high performance and racing engines for BMW’s since 1977, winning 11 racing championships including 3 prototype championships and two 24 Hours of Daytona. The same engine shop that builds the racing engines also builds the street car engines; these talented engineers, machinists, and builders have built hundreds of engines from OEM street rebuilds to full-blown racing engines.

Connecting rod bearing and valve springs are common failure items on S65 and S85 engines. In response, CARBAHN Autoworks has developed improved bearings and valve springs. Normal engine life, with the exception of these two components, is 150,000 miles. If your engine has between 75,000 and 100,000 miles on it, we recommend this refresh kit which goes an extra step further over our repair kit.

This kit includes high performance rod bearings and CARBAHN Autoworks valve springs, plus 2mm-over-sized CARBAHN Autoworks forged pistons.

The increase in bore raises the displacement to 4164cc, increasing power by 18HP to 432HP.


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