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Big N54 Power with Doc Race!

          Here at Precision Sport Industries, we thought we had seen it all for the N54 platform. This was until we were handed the brand-new Doc Race bottom mount turbo...

          Here at Precision Sport Industries, we thought we had seen it all for the N54 platform. This was until we were handed the brand-new Doc Race bottom mount turbo kit! This new kit is the sister to the extremely durable and newly revised top mount kit that Doc Race has been famous for. From one piece manifolds to custom billet accessories, Doc Race truly took both of these kits to the next step. Now before we dive too deep into power modifications, I highly suggest checking out our previous post titled “It’s Time to Have that Talk – n54 Reliability” where we cover known issues and the solutions that we take to help make your car make power reliably. So now after doing that… let’s talk power.

          The Doc Race N54 Top Mount Single Precision Turbo Kit’s reputation speaks for itself. As the current N54 single turbo record holding system, you are guaranteed to make power. As you open the box you quickly realize that this kit goes above and beyond and keeps every step of the installation process in mind. Time and time again we see the smaller bits of turboing a car go overlooked. Doc Race takes the extra time to include all v-bands, hose clamps, gaskets, etc. to make the installation process go as smooth and quickly as possible. The largest features of the kit include the chosen T4 turbo, twin 40mm Turbosmart wastegates and their revised turbo manifold. As of late September, what was once a twin scroll three-part unit is now a beautifully welded together and ceramic coated single piece manifold. This revision helps limit potential exhaust leaks in the future while keeping the same twin wastegate placement. The only modifications that do not come with the kit is the boost controller, tune and an upgraded fuel system for cars aiming for higher horsepower numbers. To see the best performance out of your vehicle, we recommend pairing this system with the GFB boost controller! This kit is a tried and true method of making N54 power. If you want more information on the details of this kit or its installation check out our new YouTube channel at PrecisionSport!


Check out our YouTube to see more on this kit!


For those trying to be a little more subtle while putting down high horsepower out of their N54, Doc Race has now released their brand-new bottom mount kit. It is now available for pre-order and shipments will be going out roughly in March. Just like the top mount, this kit comes with everything needed for installation besides the boost controller, tune and fuel system for higher horsepower. The main differences between the top mount and bottom mount besides placement is the single Turbosmart Hypergate45 wastegate, a selection of smaller turbos and a unique single piece manifold design! Rated for only slightly lower horsepower than the top mount, this kit is at a perfect price point for someone looking to make the jump into the single turbo realm! One of our close friends at the shop Cristian of VehicleVirals was fortunate enough to get an early release of this system and just had our techs install this on his new beautiful E90.


If you want to know more details about this kit and its performance check out his channel where he will be doing his own series on the ins and outs!


Here at PSI we have become experts with both of these kits. One of our lead technicians, Aaly, has now completed installations of both the top mount and lower mount editions. He describes the processes and kits as being the most complete and issue free systems he has installed so far. After the quick installation, the proper supporting fuel modifications and a tune you will be on your way to making big BMW power!

 Aaly getting his hands dirty!

For pricing and availability of these kits check out our website here!

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