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It Seems That Most Things in Australia Are Deadly…

Luckily for us, the Harrop kit isn’t deadly, but it sure makes some killer power!

The Harrop TVS1740 kit was designed specifically for the S65 V8 powered E9X M3.  Engineered & manufactured in Australia, this is the world’s first positive displacement supercharger for the S65 engine.  Now, if you are the least bit familiar with the S65 platform, you know how brilliant it is.  However, it tremendously lacks low end torque.  Thanks to the guys over at Harrop, we now have a solution.

This kit was so well engineered, it compliments the S65 E9X M3 platform in every way.  The FDFI (front drive/ front inlet) design helps keep this beauty looking as OEM as possible with minimal restrictions in the bay. While the torque and top-end power improvements complete the drive-ability of this already spectacular car.

We had the pleasure of installing this kit on a completely stock E92 M3. Simple install. Non-invasive design. A little fine tuning … and we had ourselves one particularly amazing driving machine, with a little extra kick!

Dyno Results: 525HP & 372TQ

For more information on this kit, BMW modifications, service or repair, feel free to contact us.


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