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PSI Builds an Insane Street Car


From the beginning of its existence the F80 M3 has been picked apart time and time again. Compared to its predecessors, often asked if it can really be considered a true “M” car. Sound, style, drive-ability each dissected to the fullest degree. Years after its initial release, enthusiasts have pushed every limit of the F80. Finally allowing the chassis some of the credit it deserves.

Luckily for us, we’ve been given the opportunity to push some limits ourselves. Our customer approached us with a goal in mind, 750 whp. Now, if you follow the F8x world you know this is nothing compared to what has been done. However, 750 whp while maintaining stock internals, safely and reliably is still quite the feat.

Our first thought was, how can we achieve this while keeping it as simple and safe as possible? Well knowing what we do about the S55, we knew it wouldn’t take much. Now, while we are genuinely impressed with the capabilities of the stock turbos, we knew we couldn’t push this power without utilizing Pure’s stage two upgraded turbos. We paired these with some simple supporting mods, such as, VRSF downpipes, CSF top mount cooler and a Fuel-it port injection kit.

The most important part of this for us was safely reaching our goal and there is no-one we would trust more with this task than Cary Jordan of Jordan Tuned. We’ve had a long running relationship with Cary and have witnessed his endless knowledge at work within the BMW community, especially for F8x full E85 tuning.

The results were simply amazing. 751 WHP and 723 TQ.

Making this power and putting it down are two separate achievements in itself. Finding a wheel and tire set up that is both aesthetically pleasing and entirely functional is not always the easiest.

We’re a huge fan of the fellas over at Titan7 wheels and conveniently so, they make what we consider to be some of the nicest looking and track-ready wheels, which is exactly what we needed for this build to come together.

The end result: We have one hell of a car on our hands!

Mod List: Pure Stage 2 HF, VRSF downpipes, Agency Power front mount intakes, CSF charge cooler, Fuel-it port injection kit, Clutchmasters FX350 Clutch Kit w/ Aluminum Flywheel, AWE Track Exhaust, Max PSI Keyed Crank Hub, BC Racing Coilovers, Titan7 TS5’s. Tuning by Cary Jordan @ Jordan Tuned.

For more information, BMW modifications, service, repair, or any other questions you may have, feel free to contact us.

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