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Taking the Leap – E46M x ESS Tuning

For a lot of E46 M3 owners, the pinnacle of owning their car is the point in which they take the jump and supercharge it!

The same is to be said for this old girl. After being enjoyed in her natural form for years, it was finally time.

ESS makes some of our favorite supercharger kits for BMW’s, the E46 M3 included.

After tons of discussion, our customer ultimately decided on the VT2-525 kit. One of the main priorities was to maintain an OEM driveability until he was ready to demand that extra power. This is something ESS advertises heavily with this kit and we can absolutely agree that they have achieved this. While there were many reasons we decided on this particular kit, the fact that we can upgrade easily down the line if needed is also a huge pro.

One of our favorite parts of the ESS kit is how subtle it is. With the exception of the FMIC of course. The Vortech V3 blower sits beautifully inside the engine bay. Tucked away, almost as if it belonged there.

The power delivery is smooth, yet strong and the E46M chassis handles this power like a champ. Coming in at roughly 190hp over stock, we have nothing but amazing things to say about this beast and her newfound power!

A huge thanks to the guys over at ESS for providing such a quality kit and amazing customer service!




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