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The PSI G80 Two Month Transformation

It has been just over two months since we were able to take delivery of our 2021 BMW Isle of Man Green G80. With roughly 2,000 miles now checked off on...

It has been just over two months since we were able to take delivery of our 2021 BMW Isle of Man Green G80. With roughly 2,000 miles now checked off on the odometer, we've made quick time with our modifications.

The first modification that we undertook was getting rid of the monster truck ride height with a development set of lowering springs from AST Suspension. As soon as we laid eyes on the car in the dealership we knew this was something that we needed to tackle fast. AST already had a slight idea on what this kit was going to entail and sent us a test set prior to our delivery date. AST knew what they were doing and for a test kit with no prior testing or fitting, it worked perfectly. This kit ended up lowering both the front and rear by 25mm each, completely changing the look and stance of the car. This kit installation made us the first (or one of the first) lowered G80s out on the road.

Many people have had questions surrounding the details about this kit so here is a quick FAQ.

Do the springs create any rubbing, scrubbing or anything of the sort?

No. We have tested these springs with both the 19 front, 20 rear staggered setup from factory and had zero issues. We have also tested and are currently running 20s in both the front and rear and also have no issues. 

How do the springs affect the ride quality?

The comparison between the stock springs and these AST springs is unnoticeable. You keep all the luxuries of the stock suspension and just have the lower overall ride height. 

When will these kits be available and for how much?

This G8X kit is currently still in testing to perfect the end drop and will hopefully be released to the public within 3-4 weeks. All pricing and availability will then be on our website at or AST/Moton's website at


Now that the car was lowered, we then transitioned to changing the wheel setup. We quickly realized that this was a slightly larger task than we originally imagined due to the very unique offsets and irregular 5X112 bolt pattern. This severely limited our options until we reached out to Titan 7 and found a setup that would work best for us. We chose to run the TItan T-S5's with 20x10s in the front and 20x11s in the rear. Going with the 20 inch wheels helped fill out the wheel wells much better than the 19 inch from factory. The only available fitment options that were out on the market were all specced for the previous Generation M3 the F80. This made spacers an absolute requirement to achieve the fitment that we desired. After some good ole research and development we found that 18mm spacers in the front and 15mm spacers in the rear put us in a great position with a semi flush look. The combination of all of the wheels, spacers and lowering springs already had this car looking stunning. 


Now lets talk paint. The Isle of Man Green paint option is an absolute eye catcher of a color. Many people have talked about the improvements that BMW has been making in their paint department and it definitely shows. We made a trip over to Obsessed Garage where we let Matt have his way with the G80 for a week to see what he thinks about it all and to take the paint to an even higher level. Check out our most recent Youtube video to see exactly what he did to take our paint from perfect to flawless and hear his opinion on all things G80!


The final modification that we've completed to this point (April 16th, 2021) is the IND Distribution Painted Hood Roundels for both the back and front of the car. We chose to go with the gloss black option as it ties together with the rest of the g80 details. Although this may seem extremely minimal to some, when you step back and take a full look at the car the difference is shocking.

This car is FAR from being complete and will be going through multiple evolutions over the course of the next few months. We will be working with a handful of large companies who all want to help the PSI G80 reach its full potential. Stay tuned to all of our social medias for updates and subscribe to our YouTube Channel where we will be following this entire build process!


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