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Blue Detonation

The baking heat of a Florida summer can warp reality. One minute, life is plodding along at a snail’s pace, and the next, a ghostly spectre rises from the shimmering landscape, threatening to redefine all that you know. Suddenly, a streak of blue passes you by with blinding speed, accompanied by a gargantuan exhaust roar. You have just been strafed by magnificence.

Fellow Floridian Matt has what might possibly be the most glorious Le Mans Blue E92 M3 we’ve ever seen, to say nothing of his house or garage, which are equally breathtaking. Spec’d in the proper 6MT/ZCP configuration, this beautiful machine features black interior trim with carbon leather in mint condition. Outside, however, is where most of the changes were made.

After going through a few different sets of rolling stock, the new M52R wheels in Gloss Gunmetal from Klassen were installed on Yokohama rubber, to devastating effect. Dropped on a KW sleeve kit, the pure attitude dripping from every angle of Matt’s E92 is intimidating, to say the least. We hope we never end up owing this car money.

A Challenge GT front lip and rear toe arms were installed, as well as OEM M3 Edition black grilles and side gills, along with IND painted reflectors and keyhole cover to match the LMB paint. Completing the performance aspect are a Dinan carbon fiber intake, underdrive pulley and a vicious full exhaust system, with an Evolve tune and RPI scoops to enable maximum performance. There will be no sneaking around in this M3.

You never know what you might find in the heart of Florida. Some say great food, others mention scenic vistas. To us, however, there is a Blue Detonation just waiting around the corner for the ignition sequence to blow your mind.

Mod List:
2011 E92 Le Mans Blue M3 (6MT/ZCP)
Klassen M52-R 19X9 ET17 Front / 19X11 ET25 Rear
Yokohama AD08 255/35/19 Front / 295/30/19 Rear
KW Sleeve Kit
Dinan Full Exhaust
Dinan Carbon Intake
Dinan Underdrive Pulley
Evolve Tune
RPI Scoops
Challenge GT Front Lip
Challenge Rear Toe Arms
OEM Edition Black Grilles
OEM Edition Side Gills
IND Painted Reflectors & Keyhole Cover
Valentine 1 hardwired

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