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Facing The Animal - BMW X6 M

Few things in life are quite as polarizing as seeing a BMW X6M suddenly appear in your field of vision – even less so one featuring several significant modifications. Improvements of this magnitude, in our view, should be registered as an official method of inducing a stroke, right next to strobe lights and listening to country music. The spectacle really is that arresting, both on a physical level, and possibly a law enforcement level as well.

After the startling appearance of this monster X6M begins to register in your mind, the first thing that springs to mind is the commanding presence brought on by a set of ADV10 Track Function wheels in Manufactured Bronze. At a full 22″ diameter in devastating steamroller-section width, rolling stock like this fills out the BMW’s wheel arches with authority, and can also double as small ferris wheels if the need arises.

Nothing changes the profile and appearance like a full set of carbon fiber aerodynamic pieces from Vorsteiner. The complete kit includes an aggressive front lip and rear diffusor plus a lip spoiler for the rear lift gate. What sets off these pieces in particular, and the entire vehicle in general, is a painstaking matte white 3M wrap that brings the ADV wheels and Vorsteiner carbon fiber into sharp relief, providing stark contrast with the darker elements such as black emblems and front grilles. OEM BMW Black Line taillights also add to the shadowy trim pieces.

A set of H&R springs brings the ride height down to sit on the ADVs and tighten up the handling even further. What will really invade your brain, however, is the vicious sound emitted from the tailpipes. We paired a set of Active Autowerke catless downpipes is paired with an Eisenmann Race at the back, and the noise this combination can produce is comparable to sitting behind a DTM car and enjoying a sandwich while the driver stands on the loud pedal. The giggle-inducing crackling and snapping when lifting the throttle or downshifting alone is worth the price of admission.

What really gets this big BMW moving in a way that defies physics, however, is the Active Autowerke ECU software we installed. Such a power increase should warrant a disclaimer, or perhaps a security detail. AA claims a dyno-proven increase of 86 RWHP and 117 ft-lbs of peak torque, and we are inclined to believe even those lofty figures may be shooting a bit low. The term “neck-snapping” must have been invented for the way this X6M gets off the line and just keeps you pinned to your seat, with no letup in sight.

Of course, the added power is only part of the picture, as Active Autowerke also recalibrates several settings for smoother and more responsive part throttle transitions and power delivery, and the difference is noticeable throughout the driving experience. We’ve been avid fans of AA’s software and hardware for many years now, and they always exceed our expectations. Tuned for 91 or 93 octane, and paired with the downpipes and rear mufflers, this X6M will serve a myriad of sports cars their lunch.

The objective when we began with this project was to transform both the appearance and what happened when acceleration was needed. We believe both goals have been met, and in a huge way! Thanks to our client, who lives locally, for allowing us to help achieve their vision. We can’t wait to have the X6M back for the next round of modifications!

Mod List:

  • 22″ ADV10 Track Function in Manufactured Bronze
  • Full Vorsteiner carbon fiber aerodynamic kit (front lip, rear diffuser, rear lip)
  • Matte White 3M Wrap
  • H&R Springs
  • Active Autowerke Catless Downpipes
  • Active Autowerke ECU Software
  • OEM BMW BLack Line Taillights
  • Eisenmann Race Muffler

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