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The Italian Distinction - Lamborghini Gallardo

While it is commonly known that we are a BMW specialty shop, we are often visited by other makes and models, as we service many different European cars. Lately we seem to have been inundated with Porsches and Lamborghinis, the latest of which was not released without some additional modifications to enhance its already formidable presence.

Precious few on this earth see fit to take a raging stallion from the hills of northern Italy and try to improve upon it. Those few are indeed at the fringe of automotive tuning, and seem to walk a tightrope between function and lunacy. Fortunately, this is not our first encounter with Lamborghini or their “baby supercar” Gallardo LP560, so we set about doing what we do best.

A Fabspeed exhaust was fitted underneath, taking the sound from mild bellow to maniacal shriek when the gas pedal is pushed. To that we added a

Carbon Tek rear spoiler and RSC carbon fiber rear diffuser, amplifying the visual aggression from the rear. As the crowning touch, a set of custom Verde Ithaca brake calipers by PSI and Samuels Auto was installed, and the way that green jumps out from behind the black wheels and bodywork is truly magnificent to behold.

Of course, BMW and their M models will always have our heart, but every once in awhile, the passion is stirred by other marques. Today, we give thanks for the distinction shown to us by Lamborghini and their refusal to compromise where it matters most – the soul.

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