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BE Bearings For BMW M3 & BMW M5

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BE S65

Engine: E9X M3 (S65)


The E90 BMW M3 and E50 BMW M5 are known worldwide as fast, capable, and reliable sports cars. Unfortunately, the S65 V-8 and S85 V-10 engines have a weakness - the OEM rod bearing clearance.

This lack of adequate clearance results in excessive heat, oil starvation, and premature wear. As the years go on and these beloved M-models accumulate more mileage, bearing failures have become more common.

The worst-case scenario is total failure requiring a complete engine rebuild.

Most measures taken by owners are nothing more than band-aids. Even BMW's own updated tin-aluminum replacements have not solved the problem - and may have even exacerbated it.

Thankfully, BE Bearings has designed a solution.

Why BE Bearings Are The Best Solution For Your M3 Or M5

BE Bearings consulted with former NASCAR, Indy Car, and M-Division engine designers before implementing a final design.

These bearings were designed specifically to alleviate the factory rod clearance issues. The design utilizes a traditional lead-copper construction, and allows for increased oil flow and lubrication.

Custom sizing is available upon request. BE Bearings are designed for use with all factory-recommended 10W-60 oils.

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Engine: E9X M3 (S65)

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