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3D Design Key Case




If you’re a true BMW enthusiasts, don’t just leave the style in your ride; take it all the way down to your key case. With 3D Design’s Key Case, you can protect your key and keep it looking slick to boot. The key cases come in either a white leather with black stitching, or a black leather with the traditional 3D Design blue stitch. If you’ve got an older vehicle or a personal key, no need to worry; 3D Design also offers a standard leather key chain.

Key Case Size A:
• E9X, E8X, E89, E60, E63

Key Case Size B:
• F10, F12, F13, F06, F30, F20
• F80, F82, F83, F87

Key Case Size C:
• F15 X5
• F16 X5
• F85 X5M
• F86 X6M
• G05 X5
• F90 M5