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Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke BMW B46 F3X 230i 330i 430i and G2X 330e Catted Downpipe

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Catted DP - option to add gasket: Catted DP with turbo flange gasket

Please note that we install the gasket into the downpipe flange as some customers were damaging the gasket on installation.

The GESi HO-Series Catalytic Converters are rated for engines putting out between 300 and 500 horsepower while maintaining a high flow capacity. The reduced back-pressure from this high flow catalytic converter will allow you to maximize your engines horsepower without the harmful emissions. Say goodbye to Check Engine Lights and failed emissions tests!

Please Note: These catalytic converters are not legal for use on vehicles registered in the state of California as a result of California Vehicle Code Section 27156 and 38391.


  • Covered by 5 Year / 50,000 Mile Warranty (on shell and tube ends) and 2 year / 25,000 Mile Warranty on the Catalytic coreyear-2015,year-2015-make-bmw,year-2015-make-bmw-model-340i,year-2016,year-2016-make-bmw,year-2016-make-bmw-model-140i,year-2016-make-bmw-model-340i,year-2016-make-bmw-model-440i,year-2016-make-bmw-model-m240i,year-2017,year-2017-make-bmw,year-2017-make-bmw-model-140i,year-2017-make-bmw-model-340i,year-2017-make-bmw-model-440i,year-2017-make-bmw-model-m240i,year-2018,year-2018-make-bmw,year-2018-make-bmw-model-140i,year-2018-make-bmw-model-340i,year-2018-make-bmw-model-440i,year-2018-make-bmw-model-m240i,year-2019,year-2019-make-bmw,year-2019-make-bmw-model-140i,year-2019-make-bmw-model-440i,year-2019-make-bmw-model-m240i,year-2020,year-2020-make-bmw,year-2020-make-bmw-model-440i,year-2020-make-bmw-model-m240i,year-2021,year-2021-make-bmw,year-2021-make-bmw-model-m240i

Catted DP - option to add gasket: Catted DP with turbo flange gasket

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