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Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke E53 X5 Performance Software

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Type: 4.8
***Before your order ships you MUST sign and return the Off Road Use Only Waiver available HERE. Please email, fax or take a photo of the completed form. You can email it to your sales rep or to info@activeautowerke.com and you can fax it to us at (305) 253-8921*** Active Autowerke offers unparalleled performance software. Through careful remapping of the factory BMW DME tables, various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains.
for poor driveability. With the new Active Autowerke software, the camshaft vanos tables are also re-mapped to eliminate this rough idle scenario to a smoother, cold start idle.
Key Features:
15+ Horspower gains throughout RPM range
Recalibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive part throttle transition
Ability to upgrade all ECU's
Raised RPM thresholds in specific gears
Local Installation available for many.
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Type: 4.8

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