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Alpha-N G87 M2 Carbon Rear Underbody Floor Kit

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Alpha-N has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of performance and style. With Alpha-N's connection to BMW Motorsport and their track record of producing high-quality carbon parts, their latest G8X M2 / M3 / M4 components are no exception.

Designed as a 2 part system in combination with Alpha's new G87 M2 carbon rear diffuser, the carbon rear underbody floor kit is also meant to work as a package with the CSL trunk lid and designed to both increase downforce and reduce drag.

While taking its cues from the G87 M2's existing bodylines, the rear diffuser and underbody floor kit enhance the rear styling to maximum aggression. The pre-preg carbon construction in a 2x2 weave minimizes weight while maximizing strength.

OPTIONAL: Alpha-N G87 M2 Carbon Rear Diffuser

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