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Alpha-N G87 M2 Carbon Vented Hood

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Add Carbon Front Vent Insert: No (AN-0301)

Alpha-N has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of performance and style. With Alpha-N's connection to BMW Motorsport and their track record of producing high-quality carbon parts, their latest G8X M2 / M3 / M4 components are no exception.

Their new carbon vented hood for the G87 M2 is made entirely of carbon fiber with an additional layer Kevlar on the inside, which serves the stability. Taking some queues from their F87 GTS carbon hood and BMW's F87 M2 CS, this vented carbon hood weighs 19 lbs, down 7.5lbs from the factory.

Following the full width of the radiator, the vented section is also strategically placed to maximize heat extraction. When combined with Alpha's carbon front grille, you can be certain your M2 will have max airflow and cooling.


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Add Carbon Front Vent Insert: No (AN-0301)

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