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Dual Vanos

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Solenoids: Refurbished

 Fully cleaned and rebuilt vanos unit with new high performance Viton O-rings and Teflon seals installed. In addition, we rebuild the internal bearings to eliminate the 'marbles in a can' noises. It comes complete and is ready to install, you only need to move your cam sensor to the new vanos.

The Dual Vanos kit also includes -

  • New vanos mounting gasket
  • 2 new crush washers for the oil line
  • New mounting bolt for the cam sensor
  • 2 Solenoids (New or Refurbished Options)

Price: $300 (plus a $150 refundable core deposit)

Return your old Vanos with the supplied prepaid shipping label for a $150 core refund.

Fits all M52tu/M54/M56 engines

Solenoids: Refurbished

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