Evolve ECU Remap Performance Upgrade And Evolve-R - BMW E9X 3 Series 330D (231 BHP)

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The Evolve ECU upgrade takes the 330d to 335d power with 286bhp and 700Nm torque. The software upgrade was designed and tested at our dyno facility and on road to give optimal performance with maximum safety. Much time was taken to develop the software to give improved throttle response and factory like drivability with a progressive power delivery. The end result is a 330d which is significantly faster to accelerate and smoother to drive while at the same time returning 10-15% improved fuel economy.
  • 60 bhp @ 4250rpm
  • 40-50 bhp extra through rpm range
  • 97 lb.ft torque @ 2500rpm
  • 80 lb.ft torque extra through rpm range
  • 10-15% fuel econmoy improvement
  • Factory drivability with more power everywhere
  • Smooth and progressive power delivery
  • Dyno and road developed
  • Free updates due to dealer overwrite

To get this software we now offer the Evolver remote tuning tool. The Evolver is the latest hardware release from Evolve, enabling customers to load our industry leading ECU software upgrade directly into their vehicles themselves, at home.

The Evolve-R software can be found HERE



Any modification to your vehicle has the potential to void your cars Manufactures Warranty. If in doubt, please check your terms & conditions before having the remap carried out.


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