Evolve Shock Absorbers - BMW i3 | i3S

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We have developed these dampers in conjunction with Bilstein UK over a period of 2 years on our BMW i3s. We found the car quite unsettled on undulating roads and wanted to improve primarily the ride comfort and secondary the handling. 

We worked with Bilstein on the valving to provide more control, whilst improving the handling characteristics. 

These dampers can be used with either OEM springs or any lowering springs on the market. We have also developed our own springs which lower the car 25mm on the i3 and 15mm on the i3s. 

If you want just comfort/handling, you can just install the dampers. If you want improved comfort/handling and improved aesthetics, install the dampers with our springs. 

We run these dampers our own demo BMW i3s and the ride and handling characteristics are the best we've tested on this platform.


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