IND E70 X5M / E71 X6M Painted Key Hole Cover

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Vehicle Color: Alpine White 300
Add Pre-Applied Ceramic Pro Coating: No

It’s essential to pay attention to the little details when it comes to making sure your BMW looks as sleek as possible. This includes its key hole cover (key hole delete). IND’s  painted keyhole covers are a great way to achieve a clean and uniform look. No need to worry about fit, either; all the core parts are factory-original and BMW built. You’ve also got our quality guarantee when it comes to the paint. Our painters have a combined 30+ years of experience, meaning your painted key hole cover will come to you in pristine condition. Each part is meticulously hand sanded, primed, painted and cleared, as well as polished using Rupes equipment. The icing on the cake? They’re each finished off with a coat of Adam’s paint sealant.

The painted key hole cover is designed as a replacement insert for the original factory surround and lock cylinder. If your vehicle does not have an accessible lock cylinder on the trunk and you wish to gain access to the battery in the event of a power loss, we recommend installing the key hole cover on the original lock cylinder. By installing the cover on top of the lock cylinder it provides an emergency access point in the event the battery is drained.


Tools required:

Torx25 bit

Small flat head screw driver or pick

    DIY installation instructions and photographs are available here:



    Vehicle Color: Alpine White 300
    Add Pre-Applied Ceramic Pro Coating: No

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