IND F10 M5 M Tri-Color Shift Boot - 6MT

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When it comes to upholstery, you should never settle for any less than the best. IND is proud to offer the highest quality parts around, including our M tri-color shift boot. This one is certainly a beloved piece, becoming so popular that they have made the tradition into series production parts. It started out as an homage to classic BMW M interior styling in one project M3, and is now a staple added by many of our clients to bring that special M accent into their cars in a subtle way.

IND’s tri-color shift knob for the F10 M5 brings the M color stitch pattern already found in the steering wheel of your M5 to the center console, continuing the M theme. Each boot is hand-stitched here in Chicago in the famous M tri-color stitch pattern, using original BMW leather. Let every part of your BMW make a statement with IND's custom parts.

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