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M62TU Vanos

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Engine: 4.4l

Note: TheM62tu Vanos gears are sold as a PAIR. It's highly recommended to replace both vanos units together so that both banks are operating equally. If you only need 1 vanos please contact us directly.

Our refurbished M62tu units are rebuilt using high performance, specially designed Teflon seals and Viton O-rings and then the outer housing is pressed with special tools under high torque to compress the new seals internally. We always recommend replacing both left and right vanos units together when tackling this job. Replacing only one vanos will just lead to poor performance and excessive rattling.

Price for 2 Vanos gears:

  • $500 (Plus a $300 refundable core deposit)

Return your old Vanos gears with the supplied prepaid shipping label for a $300 core refund.

Each kit also comes with a set of O-rings -

  • two O-rings for the secondary air pipe
  • two O-rings for chain tensioners
  • 4 O-rings for the engine cover bolts

Installation instructions can be found here

Note: The rebuilt M62 Vanos units will generally NOT ohm out as per the BMW instructions due to the rebuilding process. This normal and does not affect the vanos function in any way.

Engine: 4.4l

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