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Macht Schnell - Stage 1 Intake Charge Kit - BMW E46 M3

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Factory BMW intake systems are well known to be very efficient – particularly on the M models. Transform your highly engineered and efficient Original Equipment (OE) air box into a beast by replacing its two most restrictive pieces with the Macht Schnell S54B32 High Performance Panel Air Filter and the Intake Charge Pipe in a high value, high performance package. The Macht Schnell Stage 1 Intake Charge Kit will rival all the current so-called “cold air intakes” at a more reasonable cost. This combination has shown gains of over 10 rwhp/7 ft lbs tq on a chassis dyno.

Macht Schnell is proud to offer a high quality, high performance and high protection original equipment direct replacement air filter – specifically for your S54 powerplant. Each filter is designed to the specific requirements of your engine it will be protecting to deliver top-level performance with maximum flow and filtering. Pleat depth, quantity and filtering media configuration are tuned to provide the best possible performance without compromising the protection required for today’s high tolerance engines.

Our High Performance Panel Filter is the ultimate first step for someone that wants to maintain and improve upon the highly engineered stock intake systems. This is an engineered filter constructed specifically for your BMW to deliver maximum airflow. Maintaining proper CFM flow and particle capture efficiency is a delicate balancing act and filters that flow well usually do not protect as well. Macht Schnell has mastered the formula to achieve this elusive perfect balance and so your engine assets will perform better without sacrificing protection.

Features of the S54B32 High Performance Panel Filter:
- Direct replacement for your original equipment filter panel
- Washable/reusable cotton gauze which allows more airflow
- Sturdy sidewall construction ensures filter will last the life of the vehicle
- Tight leak proof seal with your factory air box
- Deepest multi-layered pleats increase air flow and maintain critical protection levels, while still providing maximum air delivery
- Maintains OEM filter’s 99% debris collection efficiency to meet ISO 5011 standards
- Maintains BMW engineered pressurized air box and OEM appearance
- Includes 2 large Euro-style hose clamps

Intake Charge Pipe Features:
The stock plastic intake elbow on your BMW E46 M3 is a good functional piece, but leaves power on the table. The sharp corner and accordion sections of the stock piece creates flow turbulence right before the critical entry into the engine’s air plenum. The shape of the stock part is less than optimal. The Macht Schnell S54 Intake Charge Pipe (ICP) is designed using the same features as the intake sections on the World Challenge class racecars.

This high quality silicone replacement hose adds real power and throttle response that you can feel. With a reshaped profile that creates a secondary air reservoir, more filtered air volume is available and essentially creates more plenum volume. This intake pipe combined with a performance panel filter such as the Macht Schnell High Performance Filter or other performance intake systems that do not replace the factory plastic elbow will create a super efficient intake system. High quality 5-layer silicone construction will withstand anything you can throw at it for years to come.

Models Supported:
BMW E46 M3

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