Mishimoto 12-16 BMW F10 M5 Intercooler Kit (Wrinkle Black)

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The BMW F10 M5 power and handling statistics are completely mind-blowing for a car tipping the scales at over two tons. The S63 twin-turbo V8 is underrated from the factory and responds well to tuning and bolt on modifications. Calling it the ultimate super sedan would not do this car justice. Heavy, high horsepower vehicles are also very good at generating heat. This added heat often affects the engine cooling, charge air cooling, or oil cooling systems. Since we already tackled the oil cooling system with our F10 M5 performance oil cooler, it was time to turn our attention towards the liquid-to-air intercooler system.----Our engineering team designed intercooler and pipe kit that offers increased volume, improved cooling efficiency, and superior airflow compared to the factory coolers. We started by increasing core volume by 37-percent compared to the stock coolers. Using our extensive knowledge of heat transfer, our team designed an extremely efficient bar-and-plate core which provides optimal cooling and a 10-percent reduction in airflow restriction. During our in-depth testing, we recorded 24-degree drops in intake temperatures and power gains of 25 WHP/22 WTQ on our stage-1-tuned M5. We saw increases in timing as a result of cooler intake temperatures, which provided more consistent, higher power output.----As with all our products, this Mishimoto BMW F10 M5 Intercooler Kit includes our signature lifetime warranty for a lifetime of performance.

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
2013-2016 BMW M5 Base
2012-2016 BMW M6 Base

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