Moton 15-18 BMW M3 F80 LCI / 15-18 BMW M4 F82 LCI Moton 1-Way Series Coilovers

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MTOM 505 177SD

Are you using your vehicle on the track? Or perhaps you’re after a combination of using your car for CLUBRACING and seeking the ideal road balance for daily driving. In that case, the MOTON 1-WAY SUSPENSION is the perfect choice for you. Maximize grip by controlling rebound and rideheight of your car. MOTON has an elevated top guide with a helper piston to reduce friction, resulting in reduced internal wear within this suspension. Ensuring stable and consistent damping performance. This set of NON-INVERTED suspension also includes, where applicable, camber-adjustable front Top Mounts and solid rear Top Mounts. The camber adjustment will offer you more wheel adjustment and allow this geometry to be altered to transform front -end grip. In this set front and rear dampers utilize a coilover design. By choosing this design you prioritize adjustability and the performance of your car. Coilovers which will offer more adjustability for both damping settings and ride height, and typically provide more consistent and predictable handling characteristics. The initial setup for setting and spring rates is rooted in our extensive development and testing process. Individual preferences can easily be fine-tuned by making adjustments to the rebound knob or altering the ride height. You can adjust the rebound, means you can control the return to extension of your dampers, enabling you to attain the ideal road balance tailored to your specific requirements. With 12 distinct positions to choose from, each adjustment delivers distinct feedback and a unique driving experience. MOTON Suspension is a monotube design. This is a benefit for you because these dampers offer a large piston to control the adjustability of rebound damping. There is no aeration or foaming in monotube dampers, this will result in a more responsive valving. MOTON high pressure dampers offers additional resistance, based on the driving conditions. Springs are included.

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
2015-2018 BMW M3 Base
2015-2020 BMW M4 Base
2019-2020 BMW M4 CS
2016 BMW M4 GTS

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