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Motorsport Hardware 5-Lug (14 X 1.25 To 14 X 1.5 Thread Conversion) 78mm Black Bullet Nose Stud Kit (F / G Series BMW & A90 Supra)

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  • Perfect for F-Chassis or 14x1.25 Track/Race applications!
  • Converts fine 14x1.25 thread to coarse 14x1.5 thread for incredible durability!
  • Avoid cross threading the fine 14x1.25 thread
  • Save your wheel hub from repeated off-on damage
  • Manufactured in the USA by Nuclear Power Plant supplier
  • 12.9 grade hardness
  • Axial tensile strength: up to 120,000lbs
  • Fast start nut installation
  • Wider stud body diameter for increased strength. Nut engagement remains very smooth!
  • Black Zinc Finish
  • Bullet Nose
  • Allen Key insert for easy install
  • Extended thread design - Will accept up to a 20mm spacer
  • Each kit comes complete for your vehicle (4-wheels)

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