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S62 M5/Z8 Vanos

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 Please note that if you can send us your units we can rebuild them for a lower price than buying them up front, and typically return them to you in 1-2 business days. Contact us for more information.


Our S62 M5/Z8 vanos comes fully rebuilt, ready to install. Upgrades include all new Viton piston O-rings and ultra-high quality Teflon lifetime seals for maximum performance and durability. Our rebuilt vanos includes the following -


  • Fully rebuilt housing
  • New high-performance pistons seals
  • New mounting O-rings and gaskets
  • Upgraded solenoid O-rings
  • Viton O-rings for oil pressure return valve

Price:$900 (Plus a $400 refundable core deposit)

Bank: Driver

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