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S54 Refurbished Solenoid Pack

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Options: Standard Coil Pack

Our refurbished S54 solenoid packs are good for testing or temporarily clearing up certain fault codes. We hand pick the best solenoids, thoroughly clean the internal valves, install new Viton O-rings on the pressure regulator and bench test them to ensure they are working properly. 

Refurbished Solenoid Options -

  • Standard Coil Pack - $250
  • Upgraded Coil Pack - $300

*Note that ANY refurbished solenoids are a short-term solution to help troubleshoot problems or pass inspection and generally it's best to only use a brand new factory solenoid pack when a permanent, high performance solution is desired. If you continue to get vanos fault codes after replacing the solenoid pack then we suggest installing our fully rebuilt vanos with new solenoids. This is also highly recommended for race cars as refurbished solenoid valves can inhibit performance due to less than optimal vanos oil pressure.

    Options: Standard Coil Pack

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