S54 Vanos

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Complete Rebuilt Vanos with NEW solenoids: 

Our S54 vanos comes fully rebuilt with brand new factory solenoids and solenoid valves. Keep in mind that these new solenoids alone are $925 from BMW. The rebuilt vanos also includes our modified oil pump disc which will work with either our Cryo hub or our D300 hub. We also replace all internal seals with ultra-high quality Viton seals for maximum performance and durability.

Price: $1495 (plus a refundable $400 core deposit)

Our rebuilt vanos includes the following -

  • Fully rebuilt housing
  • Upgraded pistons seals and Viton O-rings
  • Modified (redrilled) oil pump disc
  • Brand new BMW solenoid pack
  • Mounting gasket
  • Viton O-rings for oil pressure return valve
  • 2 Year Warranty

Return your old Vanos with the supplied prepaid shipping label for a $400 core refund.

You can find our S54 Vanos installation guide here

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